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marked on发音




marked down───记下;减价;降低分数

marked off───划分出;划线分隔

marked out───规划,制定

banked on───指望;依赖

harped on───喋喋不休

marked up───涨价;标高价格;赊帐

tacked on───附添;粗缝

worked on───影响,对…起作用;继续工作;从事于…;设法说服

market town───n.[贸易]集镇


From the school name marked on the package, we guessed that it might belong to a student of our school.───从包装上标明的学校名称看,我们猜它可能是我们学校的一个学生的。

Prices are marked on the goods.───价格标在商品上。

It was even marked on the map as a scenic route.───它在地图上甚至被标明为一条观光路线。

The price is not marked on this. Do you know how much it is?───这上面没有标价,你知道是多少钱吗?

the price is not marked on it, could you tell me how much it is ?───这个没有标价钱,你能告诉我这个多少钱么?

While she had no stigma on her body from her youth, she was marked on her soul.───虽然年轻时她身体上没有留下耻辱的痕迹,心灵里却打上了烙印。

Separate bearings, rings on each side must be marked on the surface of a sign of integrity.───对分离型轴承,必须在每个套圈端面上标上完整的标志。

Your objective is to follow the path marked on an old map, explore diversely -themed locations, and collect ancient treasures.───你的目标是走标志着一个旧地图,探索多元化主题地点,并收集古代珍品。

There was a time marked on my history book full of one thousand nine hundred thirty-four this year.───有一段时间我的历史书上标满了一九三四这个年份。


All buildings are marked on the map.

Prices are marked on the goods.

The museum is clearly marked on the map.

The prices of these goods are all marked on them.

Theoretically, the price is supposed to be marked on the shelf.

The islands were not marked on their chart.

The place is marked on the map with a cross.

My room was clearly marked on the plan.

The course of a ship is marked on a chart.