shake off信息详情

shake off发音



抖掉; 甩掉; 逃脱; 摆脱(麻烦、烦恼等)


shaken off───摆脱;抖落

shakes off───摆脱;抖落

choke off───使闷死;劝阻,阻止

flake off───剥落

make off───v.逃走;离开;匆忙离开

rake off───回扣(非正式)

scare off───吓跑

shake out───抖出;打开

shore off───离岸


Shake off any excess flour before putting livers in the pan.───将多余的面粉抖落干净,再把肝脏放进锅中。

Edgar must shake off his antipathy.───埃德加必得消除对他的反感.

Neither side could shake off its memories.───谁也不能忘怀旧事.

This will help them shake off exploitation and control.───这会帮助他们摆脱剥削和控制.

I was unable to shake off my self-pity.───我无法摆脱自怜自哀的情绪。

I was unable to shake off my self-pity.───我无法从自怜中摆脱出来。

He tried to shake off the spiritual impression made by this imagination.───他竭力去摔开这种幻想在精神上所留下的印象.

He did everything he could to shake off the guilt.───他尽力为自己开脱罪责.

Darcy has failed to shake off a foot injury.───达西未能治好脚伤.

I found it difficult to shake off a sense of social inferiority.───我发现很难摆脱社会地位低下的自卑感。

We managed to shake off our pursuers in the crowd.───我们设法在人群中摆脱了跟踪者.

He twisted and turned in a desperate attempt to shake off his pursuer.───他左拐右转拼命想甩掉追他的人.

Dig the plants out cleanly and shake off the soil.───把植物挖出来,抖掉上面的土.

He stamped his feet to shake off the snow from his boots.───他顿脚以便抖落皮靴上的雪.

Get your body moving to boost energy, stay supple and shake off winter lethargy.───锻炼身体以增加活力,保持柔韧性,甩掉冬日的慵懒。

He stirred in his chair, trying to shake off his thoughts so that he could sleep.───他在椅子里动了动, 想摆脱思绪的烦扰,尽快入睡.

The company hasn't been able to shake off its image as stodgy and old-fashioned.───该公司一直未能摆脱其古板守旧的形象。

She was always keen to shake off the early typecasting as the empty-headed sex symbol.───她一直渴望摆脱早期扮演的头脑简单的性感偶像的固定形象。


Businessmen are trying to shake off habits learned under six decades of a protected economy.