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deal with───处理;涉及;做生意

did with───利用,处理;需要;忍受;与……相处

fool with───戏弄

get with───跟上;开始做;着手

get with it───赶上时髦;留神



go ill with───对…不利;不幸

go with───v.伴随;与…相配;和交朋友


She was a very well educated girl with a lively mind, a girl with ambition.───她是一个非常有教养、头脑活跃、有抱负的女孩。

It was the picture of a girl with a laughing face.───那是一幅画,画上是一个面带笑容的女孩。

She started to get a reputation as an unselfish girl with a heart of gold.───她开始得到有着金子般心灵的无私女孩的名声。

In fact , she was a charming and cultured girl, with a beautiful curious pointed elfin face and a lovely figure.───实际上,她是一个迷人和有教养的女孩,带有一张美丽的奇特的尖的小精灵一样的脸和一个可爱的数字。

As if his head to the walnut girl with a lot of accessories, especially elegant and simple.───仿佛核桃姑娘往自己头上带了许多装饰品,格外典雅、朴素。

The young man enters the office, walks towards the girl, with a bunch of roses in his hands.───那个年轻人走进办公室,走向那女孩,手里拿着一束玫瑰

When girls see another girl with a boy, they often try to make something of it.───当女孩们看见另一位与男孩在一起,她们常常以为了不得了。

Among them, sitting beside her mother, was a young girl with a large oozing sore on her leg.───在这群妇孺当中,有个小女孩坐在她母亲身边,腿上有一处不断流脓的大伤口。

Ahh, no biggie . 'Cause here comes my dream girl with a smile just for me. -JD! You know what I love? -What?───啊,没什么大不了的。因为我的梦中女郎带着对我一个人的微笑而来。-JD!你知道我爱什么?-什么?


A pleasant girl with a sweet singing voice.

I painted a girl with a pigtail.

Betty was the Blue Girl, with a hawk-wing swoop of black hat, forbidding gaze, hands grasping the white chair.

An attractive girl with a cheerful smile and laughing eyes was sitting at the cash register by the doorway.

An older man is walking a girl with a pony tail through a pattern that forms a large triangle.

Case No. 12: 15 year-old girl with a chief complaint of warts on the hand.

She was a very well educated girl with a lively mind, a girl with ambition.

He disguised himself as a girl with a false long hair.

A photograph showed a little girl with a twisted hip and shortened leg after more than a year of conventional treatment.