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hourly rate───每小时工资率;小时率

hourly worker───小时工

hourly basis───时间单位

monthly wage───月工资

hourly workers───小时工

curly kale───羽衣甘蓝

early age───早期

holy war───圣战;网络上因基本观点不同产生的激烈争论

holy wars───圣战


The average hourly wage for clerical workers in Korea is $ 7.94, compared with $ 1.15 in China.───而在韩国,从事文案工作的员工时薪是7.94美元, 在中国这个数字只有1.15美元.

Take the weekly amount you just calculated and divide it by your true hourly wage.───使用你刚刚计算的周总数除以你的每小时工资。

It is not easy to calculate one's hourly wage.───计时工资的核算,不是拍拍脑袋就能得出来的结果.

Let's transform this hourly wage into something that has more meaning.───让我们赋予小时工资更多的意义吧。

Huge farms often hire migrant workers to do the farm work at an hourly wage base.───大型农场都是以小时计工资来雇用流动工人干活.

At a set hourly wage, the more hours you work the more money you will make.───在按小时结算工资的状况下,工作更多的时间意味着你能拿到更多的金钱。

However, the average hourly wage in the last year increased by almost 4 %.───然而, 平均每小时的工资在去年增长了差不多4%.


Last night his hourly wage, about £8 in loose change was nicked from under his nose by scavenging ragamuffins.

Take out a blank sheet of paper, the "time budget" you prepared yesterday, and the approximate hourly wage you calculated earlier.

Elvina earns an hourly wage of $11.

The purchasing power of the average hourly wage has risen in the last five years.

Compared with other types of enterprise, the private enterprises have a big gap in the hourly wage level, the social security and the welfare income and the worker's reward.

In fact, production employees receive no base salary or hourly wage at all.

With a median hourly wage of $15.51, being a high-flying roofer is still near the bottom of the barrel.