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to do in───做某事

to do time───待办事项时间

to dovetail───燕尾榫

to do without───没有

to down tools───拆卸工具

to death───极度;到极点

to dis───到dis

to do by───做某事

to do down───做下来


They would be ill-advised to do this.───他们这么做是不明智的。

I have a whole bunch of stuff to do this morning.───我今天上午有一大堆活儿。

I can't figure out how to do this.───我弄不懂怎样做这件事。

And I was told by the folks at my company that we weren't going to be able to do this for a while.───我们公司里的人告诉我说我们在当时的技术条件下,是无法完成这样的特效的。

If it is not to be mandatory, it must be in each creditor's interest to do this.───如果不是强制性的,那么必须符合各债权人的利益,他们才会同意。

To do this, we began over a year ago to meet regularly with representatives of major governments appointed by the dark cabal.───为了这么做,我们在一年之前开始去定期的与被黑暗集团指派的主要政府的代表人会面。

"The only point of learning to do this kind of thing is really as a mental exercise, as a way of showing how smart you are, " he said.───“学习做这种事的唯一目的实际上只是作为一种思维锻炼,是一种方式来表示你是多么聪明,”他说。

Instead, get out of commitments by telling people, honestly, that you don't have the time to do this right now.───相反,诚实的告诉人们,你没有时间马上做这件事情,可以摆脱这些许诺。

Scientists do not know how lightning bugs are able to communicate with each other to do this.───科学家们不知道如何闪电错误是能够互相沟通,要做到这一点。


There must be a better way to do this.

I strongly advise you not to do this.

You need specialist knowledge to do this job.

He's got piles of work to do this morning.

I can't bear him to do this.

It is worthwhile to do this.

I have some work to do this evening.

I've got so much stuff to do this weekend.

"Well, I have shown you how to do this before, " she said, unable to disguise her impatience.