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all eyes───目不转睛;众目睽睽;聚精会神地看

small ends───(发动机活塞的)连杆小的一端

small beers───淡啤酒;琐事;小人物

small fries───无足轻重的人;不重要的

small games───小游戏

small times───不重要的;一日表演数次而且票价低的巡回舞台表演

make eyes───抛媚眼;暗送秋波

small ads───小广告

small arms───[军]轻武器


The doctor's voice had come alive and his small eyes shone.───医生的声音变得响亮起来,两只小眼睛也有了神采。

His face is round and he has small eyes.───他的脸圆圆的,眼睛小小的。

He has big eyes, and I have small eyes.───他有一双大眼睛而我有一双小眼睛。

She was petite2 and looked younger than her age, unusually pale but there was some glowing in her small eyes.───身形纤小的她看起来比实际年龄还要小,脸色不同寻常地苍白,可她小小的眼睛里却闪烁着光芒。

They stopped and stood in a row, and stared up at the kittens. They had very small eyes and looked surprised.───他们停下来站成一列,往上盯着小猫们看。他们的眼睛很小并且看起来一副很讶异的样子。

His small eyes gleamed with a green light, his whole face had a look as if he gnawed himself.───他的小眼睛闪着绿光,整个脸庞看上去就象自己在折磨着自己。

Their leader was a man of medium stature with small eyes and a long beard.───他们的领袖是中等身材和小眼睛,一个长胡子。

He has got a square face, a pair of small eyes and a flat nose.───他有一张方脸,一对小眼睛,一个塌鼻子。

He has small eyes and a small nose. He looks like his mother.───他有两只小眼睛和一个小鼻子。他看上去像他妈妈。


Suddenly, a village pinpricks of light, the likelihood of pearl layer, and like the sky that winked at the world small eyes secretly landed midgard stars.

Cretinism is international face, a square face, small eyes, mouth away with Lao , sometimes also spits, eye to hang himself.

The small eyes of these cheeses are formed mechanically during the cheese-making process and not by gas forming bacteria.

I read the First time and I sat behind a very small eyes, bucktooth girl my first sense is not like her, She asked me questions I am also very poor.

American geneticist Calvin Bridges discovered copy number variation in 1936, when he noticed that flies that inherit a duplicate copy of a gene called Bar develop very small eyes.

Girls Jiao Agui, small eyes, she has a pair of special - she is a color-blind, saw the color is different from other people.

The doctor's voice had come alive and his small eyes shone.

Lok peered at the stick and the lump of bone and the small eyes in the bone things over the face.