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creature of habit───例行公事的人;墨守成规的人

a creature of habit───习惯的动物

centres of gravity───重心;惯性中心


creative flair───创造力

creature comfort───n.物质享受(尤指食物)

creature feature───生物特征

curvature of field───象场弯曲

curvature of space───空间曲率


But most people are creatures of habit.───但是大部分人都是习惯的动物。

We're creatures of habit and habits are hard to break.───我们是习惯的生物,而习惯是很难打破的。

We tend to be creatures of habit.───我们是习惯性的动物。

It takes time, of course, since we are creatures of habit and don't adapt to new changes as easily as some might think.───当然,这需要时间,因为我们还是一种习惯性生物,适应新变化并不像某些人想象的那么容易。

The key to maintaining fitness is sticking to a set routine, as people are creatures of habit, Mr. Kelly says.───凯利说,保持好身材的要诀是坚持执行所制定的训练计划,因为人类是习惯动物。

Rarely[laughs]. We're pretty low-key creatures of habit. We'll just go out to dinner at one of our local spots.───(大笑)。我们两人的个性都相当低调。我们只会去附近的餐厅吃个晚餐。

We all are creatures of habit and Estonia's experience shows that good and convinient e-services alone do not mean that they are used.───我们都是拥有习惯的生物,爱沙尼亚的经验充分显示:仅仅拥有优质方便电子服务,并不意味着这些服务就能得到人们的应用。

Runners are often creatures of habit -- we run the sameroutes, at the same pace, usually during the same time of day.───跑步者往往是墨守成规的生物--我们跑同样的路线,同样的速度,常常还是同样的时间。

We are, if anything, creatures of habit drawn to the safety and comfort of the familiar.───我们,如果有什么不同的话,是有习性的动物,被所熟悉的事物的安全和舒适所吸引。


Horses are creatures of habit and like to have a daily routine.

The game is filled with creatures of habit and superstition.