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daily activities发音




daily activity───日常活动

risky activities───危险活动

vacuum activities───n.真空活动


craft activities───工艺活动

solar activities───[天]太阳活动;[天]太阳活动性

charitable activities───慈善活动

optical activities───[光]旋光性

seismic activities───[地震]地震活动;[地震]地震活动性


Try to blurt out sentences before you do each of these daily activities.───当你在做这些事之前,最好都能脱口而出一些句子.

To be able to learn some English language patterns, to talk about daily activities.───能够相识少数的语言标准样式, 就本身的乐趣和见解举行简略的英语对于话.

Automobiles have been playing a vital part in the daily activities of our society.───汽车在当代人们的日常生活中扮演着很重要的角色.

Even profound amnesiacs can usually recall how to perform daily activities.───即使严重的健忘症患者通常也能记得如何从事日常活动。

Organize and manage warehouse daily activities, and update inventory data.───组织与管理仓库的日常工作, 及时更新原料库存记录.

Analyzing requirements, utilizing frameworks, implementing design patterns and squashing bugs are amongst your daily activities.───你的工作内容包括分析设计需求, 利用框架标准, 实现设计模式和清除程序故障.

Rituals surrounding birth, death, circumcision, and daily activities are strictly adhered to.───恪守以生 、 死 、 割礼和日常生活为主要内容的仪式.

Manage DLR daily activities and organize annual business meeting.───管理经销商日常工作并组织年度业务会议.

Now write a short passage about daily activities of your classmates according to the survey.───让学生根据调查,写一篇关于学生日常生活的短文.

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring provides information about blood pressure during daily activities and sleep.───可携式血压监察能二十四小时持续性测量和记录受检查者血压情况.

In daily activities, this means that things are going well.───在日常活动中,这意味着事情进展还行。

emphasize the importance of health too much because it lays the foundation for all of our daily activities.───强调健康的重要性都不为过,因为健康为我们所有的日常活动打下了基础。


He resumed his daily activities and returned to full-time employment. Central neurocytoma is a rare hemorrhagic brain tumor in adults.

Behind the daily activities of those engaged in such formal community care lie stressful moral and practical dilemmas.

It influences the manager's daily activities and decisions and can have extremely beneficial results for the organization.

Pay closer attention to his daily activities.

To document all daily activities and events such as guest complaints in the logbook.

Manage DLR daily activities and organize annual business meeting.

Keep an account of your daily activities.

They record and reflect on daily activities, delicately holding within the innocent seeming image much that is intimate.

Daily activities come to revolve around getting more drugs for the next dose.